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Connecting business leaders since 2001

Location:  Metro Atlanta

Members:  Kettering Members are the leading senior level executives in the Atlanta area.

Founded:  2001


About Kettering...

Kettering Executive Network is a group of experienced and successful executives representing all industries and disciplines. We exist to facilitate executive peer relationships for support and personal growth in all stages of our members’ lives. Kettering events and activities are designed to help its members continue that level of success through shared business contacts, knowledge and ideas. Kettering connections help members open the doors to new and exciting opportunities. Through our Pay It Forward philosophy, Kettering members leverage our expertise to develop the next generation of leaders in the Atlanta community.

Specifically, we:

  • Are a group of business leaders brought together for the purpose of advancing employment and business opportunities
  • Are recognized and acknowledged for our high business ethics, management expertise and our commitment to the success of all members
  • Believe that helping others is the best way to help ourselves
  • Strive to openly give more to the membership than we receive, without the expectation of payback
  • Acknowledge our good fortune while gainfully employed and willingly assist those seeking new opportunities.
Please note: Kettering Membership is by invitation only and through sponsorship by an existing member.

The Kettering Difference...

Kettering is Atlanta’s Premier Executive Network, attracting members across all industries and functions. Kettering Membership is by invitation only, and candidates must meet strict requirements relating to experience and budgetary responsibility. Membership is for life, offering educational and networking opportunities for members through weekly meetings, social events, community involvement and special interest groups. The membership adheres to a “pay it forward” principle, actively helping each other with business ideas, opportunities and introductions.

Kettering's History...


Was the group founded by a group of guys on broken lawn chairs in someone’s garage on Kettering Drive? Close, but not quite…

Kettering Executive Network was conceived in late 2001 on Kettering Drive in East Cobb, (an Atlanta, Georgia neighborhood) by three savvy neighbors who wanted to expand their networks of senior executives. It didn’t take long for the group to establish a weekly get together.

The founders recognized that there were many individuals just in their neighborhood who could help each other with business contacts and opportunities. Prospective members had to be senior leaders with extensive management and P&L responsibility. The membership agreed that, as senior executives, none of them would have achieved that success without other individuals helping them to get there. It was now time to ‘Pay It Forward’ — time to help other executives accomplish their goals, and in selflessly helping others, derive satisfaction and additional success.

The formalization of Kettering Executive Network occurred in 2002 with the establishment of a core leadership group. Within the first year the membership quickly grew. Meetings started to include invited speakers, and Special Interest Groups were formed to link members with similar industry and functional backgrounds.

Today, Kettering is one of the largest business networking organization in Atlanta. Its’ members still adhere to the same Pay It Forward principle, helping each other network, learn and make new business contacts. More than a dozen Special Interest Groups have become a brain trust for the top executives in the Atlanta area. Speakers at weekly meetings include business, non-profit and political leaders. Monthly events bring the membership together in a social environment for lunch or dinner.

Kettering membership is by invitation only, but it lasts a lifetime…

Kettering's Board of Directors...

Kettering Executive Network Inc. is operated as a volunteer organization under the coordination and guidance of a Board of Directors selected for their experience, leadership abilities, and willingness to ‘pay it forward’ for the entire Kettering membership. The Board is made up of eleven members who chair key committees within the Kettering organization. The Board also has the responsibility to create, change and monitor the policies of the organization, and develop new member programs. The members of the board are:
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