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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

* Note:  This feature is available to Kettering members only.

Q:  I am a Kettering member - how do I Activate my account?*

A: Your Kettering account is tied to your email address.  If you have been a member for more than a year, it is the same email address we had on record for our old (now defunct) Yahoo Group.  Follow these steps:

  1. From any Kettering website page, select Login from the upper right hand corner
  2. Select Forgot Password and follow the prompts to reset your password. (An email will be sent to the email address)
  3. After resetting your password, log into the site
  4. Select your name in the upper right hand corner
  5. Select Edit profile
  6. Make any necessary changes and complete the profile
  7. Your account will be now be Active

Q:  I’m a member and my email ID is not recognized, what do I do?*

A:  Contact the Kettering membership chair at membership@ketteringexecutivenetwork.org

Q:  I get a message that states that the site is not secure.  Is the site not secured?

A:  The site is fully secured.  Make sure that you use the Ketteringexecutivenetwork.org link or www.ketteringexecutivenetwork.org You may be redirected to ketteringexecutivenetwork.wildapricot.org   All three of these URLs are secure and safe.

Q:  I forgot my password.  How can I reset it?*

A:  Go to the ketteringexecutivenetwork.org site and select LogIn in the upper right hand side.  A small popup window should appear that contains the login fields and a link to reset your password via your email address.

Q:  Which browser works the best with the new Kettering website?

A:  Chrome.  Other browsers may work, but may not be fully operational.

Q:  How do I Upgrade or Change my membership level?

A:  Here are the quick steps:

  1. Select Login from the upper RH corner
  2. Select View Profile by selecting your name in the upper RH corner
  3. Select Change Membership Level (blue button under Membership Level)
  4. Follow the steps through payment and you will be all set.

Q:  What solution is Kettering using to manage the Kettering organization?

A:  Kettering is using a Software As A Solution (SAAS) that is hosted by a company called Wild Apricot.  They maintain, backup and manage the solution features.  Kettering maintains the actual content.

Q:  I have a technical question / issue or suggestion for the website.  Who do I contact?*

A:  webmaster@ketteringexecutivenetwork.org

Q:  I am hosting a Kettering event, who do I contact to get it on the calendar?*

A:  To get a Kettering event on the calendar, contact  ketteringadmin@proapg.com and cc events@ketteringexecutivenetwork.org 
Include the following information in the communication:

- Date

- Start & End time

- Location / venue

- Host name & email contact

- Topic / title of event

- Short topic summary

- Event agenda (if applicable)

- Speaker name (if applicable)

- Speaker bio (if applicable)

- Speaker linkedIn path

- Participant cost (guest, members, premium members)

- Fee schedule

Q:  How do I add a new Blog category?*

A:  Send an email to:  webmaster@ketteringexecutivenetwork.org

Q:  When do you use a Blog vs. Forum?

A:  Blogs are intended for one-way communication outwardly bound.  Ex.)  Announcements, Job Postings, etc.)  Forums are intended to be more interactive (two-way) communication or chat.  Ex.)  You could ask the question, "Who has the best IT resume example?"  Then members can respond.

Q:  How do I update the email address Kettering using to contact me?*

A:  After you log into the site, select your name from the upper RH corner.  Select Edit Profile.  Locate your email address and change it and save your profile.

Q:  How do I find out whats new with the website?*

A:  Click on the Members menu item and you will find a monthly listing.

Q:  How do I get listed on the Pay-it-Forward, Members in Transition list?*


  1. Log into the Kettering site
  2. Navigate to the Home page
  3. Click on your name in the upper RH side
  4. Click on "View your Profile"
  5. Click on "Edit"
  6. Scroll down to, "Current Employment Status"
  7. Select, "Not Employed, but seeking"

* Note:  This feature is available to Kettering members only.

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