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membership Dues Policy Announcement 

Notice Date:  September 1, 2017

The Kettering Board of Directors has approved the implementation of annual membership dues.   By taking this approach to membership, we will be in a better position to support the present and future of Kettering.

Please take a few minutes to become an active supporter of Kettering by selecting one of the following membership levels  (payment required by Nov. 1, 2017 to remain active):

Membership - Active: $100 annually includes access to:

 Networking and educational events  Social events
 Kettering website "Members Only" pages  SIG meetings
 Member database  Professional forum
 Event calendar  Career Opportunities
 Event announcements  Monthly Member Newsletter

Membership - Premium: $150 annually includes all of the above plus discounts to many Kettering events.  Existing Premium member do not need to take action.

Membership - Basic allows members to be visible on the website to Active and Premium member levels but will not receive the above mentioned benefits.  Basic members are still  considered Kettering Member and need only pay their membership dues to become active and regain access to the full resources of the Kettering Executive Network.

ACTION:  Please log into your Member Profile and select Edit, then select Change next to Membership level.  Select the membership level that best aligns to you and process your payment.

Note:  Members who have not paid a membership by November 1, 2017, will revert to basic level and will not receive the benefits of Active or Premium membership status including access to Kettering events, member directory or the newsletter.

To Learn More:  Please read the FAQs and Benefit Summary provided on the Supporting Kettering webpage.

Additional Questions: please contact: Membership@KetteringExecutiveNetwork.org.

Please take a moment to recognize the value of Kettering to you and become an Active or Premium member.  Thanks for your ongoing commitment to pay it forward!


Kettering Board of Directors
Kettering Executive Network, Inc.

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Summary of Benefits

   Kettering Executive Network Membership Levels:

 Basic Active PREMIUM
  Profile listed in the Membership Directory X X X
  Access to LinkedIn Group
 X X X
  Access to Public Pages of Kettering Website X X X
  Access to your Profile
 X X X
  Access to Membership Directory  X X
  Access to Member Functions on Website  X X
 Sponsor a Candidate
  Access to Events Calendar  X X
  Monthly Member Newsletter  X X
  Quarterly Leadership Luncheon  X X
  Special Interest Group (SIG) Meetings  X X
  Social Events  X X
  Kettering Job Leads  X X
  Professional Forums  X X
  Friday Leadership and Networking Meeting  $10 FREE
  Discounts to Selected Events   X
  Annual Membership Dues $0 $100 $150


Member – A person who, after review has been determined by the Board of Directors and general membership to have met the then-current criteria for membership in the organization, has agreed to adhere to the ongoing standards of the organization, and has been admitted into the organization as a member.

Basic Membership – A member who has chosen to remain aligned with the Kettering organization, but does not meet requirements for active membership including, but not limited to, timely payment of annual membership dues

Active Membership – A member who has chosen to participate and meet the minimum requirements for active membership including, but not limited to, timely payment of annual Active Membership dues.

Premium Membership – A member who has chosen a higher sustaining membership level, meeting all the requirements of Active Membership and timely payment of the Premium Membership level dues.  Note: Certain leadership roles may require membership at the Premium level.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Membership dues 

Q:  Why does Kettering charge membership dues?

A:  Funding for most professional organizations includes multiple sources such as membership dues, fees, sponsorship, donations and sales of goods.  Since its founding Kettering has primarily relied on member fees and sponsorship.  As the organization grows and provides increased value to its diverse membership, membership dues are necessary to fund the organization’s activities and member services; all designed to provide active members greater opportunity to develop and grow their professional network.

Q:  What are the three levels of Kettering Membership?

A:  The three levels are Basic Membership, Active Membership and Premium Membership.


Q:  What do I get with Basic Membership?

A:  Basic Membership allows a member to access the public pages of the Kettering website and edit their individual profile. Basic members will not receive the monthly newsletter nor will they have access to the “members’ only” pages (events calendar, membership directory, Kettering communications, individual member postings, etc.) Basic members cannot register for or attend any Kettering events (Friday meetings, luncheons, SIGs, Social, etc.) until their membership dues are paid at the Active or Premium level.


Q:  Am I still a Kettering member if I choose Basic Membership?

A:  Yes, all Kettering members are “members for life”.  If a member has chosen Basic Membership you are still a Kettering Member but have decided to become an inactive member. 


Q:  If I choose Basic Membership, can I activate my membership later?

A:  Yes.  To reactivate your membership and regain access to all the related benefits and resources, you need only pay the membership dues at the Active or Premium level. 


Q:  With Basic Membership, can I still attend Kettering meetings and participate in Kettering activities?

A:  No. Kettering events, including SIG meetings, workshops and Executive Leadership Luncheons, are available only to Active and Premium Membership members. 


Q:  I have relocated outside of the Atlanta area and am unable to attend meetings.  I would like to retain access to the member database, newsletter and events calendar to maintain my professional network.  Do I need to maintain an Active or Premium Membership and pay dues?

A:  Yes.  Kettering is a Pay It Forward organization and members are expected to remain active to help other members.  Attending meetings in Atlanta is only one benefit of your active membership.  Kettering offers the tools for you to expand and maintain your professional network, mentor and assist peers, and Pay It Forward regardless of your geographic location.

Q:  Are any members exempt from paying annual dues for active membership?

A:  No. There are no exemptions. All members including current and former Board of Directors, Founding Members, SIG leaders, and Member Sponsors must pay annual dues or become a Basic member.


Q:  Does my membership status affect access to the Kettering LinkedIn group?

A:  No.  Access to the Kettering LinkedIn group is included with Basic Membership; it is not affected by your level of membership status. All members who choose to join the Kettering LinkedIn group will remain in the group. This may change at some point in the future.


Q:  What if I choose not to pay my annual dues?

A:  Members who do not pay their annual dues (at the Active or Premium Membership levels) will automatically default to Basic Membership.  Basic members cannot register for or attend any Kettering events (Friday meetings, luncheons, SIGs, Socials, etc.) until their membership dues are paid in full.  For more information, go to Summary of Benefits.

Q:  Are prior unpaid dues required to be paid before a Basic member becomes an Active or Premium member?

A:  Dues are not charged retroactively for prior periods. Basic members only need to pay annual membership dues for the following twelve months, beginning on the date of payment.


Q:  How do I pay my dues?

A:  To pay dues, log in to the Kettering website, click your name located in the top right corner of the page, click “View Profile”, then click the “Change” hyperlink. You will be directed through the online payment process.


Q:  How do I upgrade from Basic to Active, Basic to Premium or from Active to Premium membership?

A:  To upgrade membership, log in to the Kettering website, click you name located in the top right corner of the page, click “View Profile”, then click the “Change” hyperlink. You will be directed through the online payment process.


Q:  How I downgrade to Active or Basic membership?

A:  Membership dues are non-refundable. Downgrades should be done at the time of the member’s renewal. Active and Premium members automatically change to Basic if dues are not paid by the due date.

Q:  How will annual renewals be handled?

A:  Annual renewals will be set to auto-renew on the anniversary date of the first dues payment. Should a member prefer to turn off auto renew, they must do this in their PayPal account since Kettering does not store credit card information. Members who do not pay their renewal dues by the due date will automatically convert to Basic member status.


Q:  How do I get answers if I have any additional membership related questions?

A:  Members should direct all inquiries to Membership@KetteringExecutiveNetwork.org or call the Membership Chair.

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